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  Albacore Roll : Spicy Krab Mix, Avocado inside, Albacore on top  $12.00
  Arizona Roll : Cali Roll Deepfried, Krab Mix and Tuna on Top  $12.00
  ASU Roll : Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber Inside. Spicy Tuna, Jalapeno on Top.
                         Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo on Top
  Atomic Roll : Spicy Tuna, Masago, Cucumber, Asparagus, Jalapeno Wrapped Salmon.
                               Spicy Mayo and Spicy Sauce on Top.
  Butterfly Roll : Cucumber, Krab, Shrimp Tempura Inside Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon,
                                  Shrimp, Eel, Avocado On Top
  Caterpiller Roll : Eel, Cucumber Inside, Avocado on Top  $13.50
  Crazy Shrimp Roll : Shrimp Tempura, Creamcheese, Krab, Avocado Inside,
                                             Spicy Tuna and Crunch Bit on top with Spicy Mayo, and Eel Sauce
  Dragon Roll : Krabmix, Cucumber Inside, Eel and Avocado on Top  $12.95
  Happy Dragon Roll : Soft Shell Crab, Cucumber, Crab inside. Eel, Avocado on Top.
                                              Eel Sauce
  Jacky Roll : Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado, Cream Cheese
                             Wrap with Soy Paper.
  Jalapeno Roll : Crab Mix, Spicy Tuna, Jalapeno Special (Jalapeno, Spicy Tuna,
                                    Cream Cheese Deep Fried), Avocado, Cucumber Inside.
                                    Crunch Bit, Eel Sauce on Top.
  J.J Roll : Spicy Tuna, Cucumber Inside. White Tuna on Top. Spicy Ponzu Sauce  $12.50
  Killer Roll : Eel, Cucumber Inside. Salmon on Top. Eel Sauce on Top.  $12.50
  Lady Bug Roll : Spicy Krabmix, Cucumber Inside, Tuna, Black Sesame Seed on Top  $11.95
  Las Vegas Roll : Eel, Cream Cheese, Avocado, Krab, Shrimp, Deep fried  $10.95
  Lolly Pop Roll : Tuna, Salmon, Whitefish, Krab, Shrimp, Kayiwari, Masago,
                                     Wrapped in Cucumber
  Phoenix Roll : Spicy Salmon, CreamCheese, Avocado, Krab, Masago, Deep fried  $10.95
  Rainbow Roll : Cali Roll w/ Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, Shrimp, Avocado on Top  $11.95
  Salmon Lover Roll : Spicy Krabmix, Avocado, Tobiko Inside, Salmon on Top  $11.95
  Sashimi Roll : Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Krab, Cucumber, Kayiwari Inside
                                  WRAPPED WITH Soypaper and Seaweed Ponzu Sauce on Side
  Sun's Roll : Spicy Crab Mix, Avocado, Cucumber Inside. White Fish,
                           Spicy Mayo on Top, Bake. Masago, Green Onion, Eel Sauce on Top.
  Sunrise Roll : Spicy Crab Mix, Avocado, Cucumber Inside.
                                Salmon, Avocado, Lemon on Top.
  Tiger Eye Roll : Spicy Tuna, Crab Mix, Albacore, Cucumber, Avocado, Jalapeno
                                    Wrapped with Seaweed and Soy Paper. Deep Fried.
                                    Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo on Top.
  Volcano Roll : Salmon Outside, Krab Mix, Avocado & Spicy Mayo on Top  $11.00
  The Crispy Eel : Tempura Eel & Tempura Red Onion Inside.
                                     Scallop, Cucumber, Tobiko, Scallion mix with Mayo on top.
  Seafood Ambrosia : Crab and Cucumber Inside. Chopped Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail,
                                             Cucumber Mix with Light Mayo and Lemon Juice.
  Orange Bloosom : Spicy Crab Mix, Asparagus, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Avocado Inside.
                                          Salmon, Real Wasabi, Red Onion on Top.
  Geisha Roll : Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Crab Mix Inside.
                               Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, White Fish on Top.
                               Spicy Wasabi Mayo Sauce, and Sliced Onion on Top. Torched.
  Starfish Roll : Spicy Albacore, Cucumber Inside. Spicy Salmon and Masago on Top.
                                Spicy Wasabi Mayo Sauce, and Sliced Onion on Top. Torched

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