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Additional Charge will Apply with Change of order.
 - Combination Sushi JR.
    4pcs sushi with California Roll.
    (1pc Tuna, 1pc Yellowtail, 1pc Salmon, 1pc Shrimp)
 - Regular Combination Sushi
    7pcs sushi with Spicy Tuna Roll
    (1pc Tuna, 1pc Yellowtail, 1pc Salmon, 1pc Shrimp, 1pc Crab, 1pc White Fish, 1pc Eel)
 - Delux Combination Sushi
    16pcs sushi with California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Shrimp Tempura Roll.
    (2pc Tuna, 2pc Yellowtail, 2pc Salmon, 2pc Shrimp, 2pc Crab, 2pc White Fish,
    2pc Albacore, 2pc Eel)
 - Lunch Sashimi
    9pcs Sashimi
    (3pc Tuna, 3pc Yellowtail, 3pc Salmon)
 - Sashimi Combo
    12pcs Sashimi
    (4pc Tuna, 4pc Yellowtail, 4pc Salmon)
 - Scallion Sashimi
    2pc Tuna, 2pc Salmon, 2pc Yellowtail, 1pc White Tuna with Real Wasabi, Jalapeno,
    Red Onion on Top. Ponzu Sauce.
 - Sashimi Combo 24pcs $41.00
 - Sashimi Combo 35pcs $55.00
 - Sashimi Combo 45pcs $68.00
 - Sashimi Combo 55pcs $82.00

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